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ION* Gut Support 32 fluid oz

ION* Gut Support 32 fluid oz

ION* Gut Support 32 fluid oz


Product by: ION Biome "2 month supply"

ION* Gut Support seals cells in the gut lining, helping to keep toxins out of your body and strengthening the terrain upon which your microbiome can diversify.

ION*Gut Support is a mineral supplement sourced from 60-million-year-old soil that provides foundational gut support, helping naturally balance the microbiome.*

ION*Gut goes beyond probiotics to support the body’s production of beneficial enzymes through redox signaling (cellular communication). The active ingredient, Terrahydrite®, has been shown to support tight junction integrity even in the presence of glyphosate and gluten (gliadin).*

Proven to seal cells in the gut lining, ION* strengthens the terrain upon which your microbiome can diversify. Soil-derived fulvate helps tight junctions to keep toxins out while improving nutrient absorption and hydration. With tight junctions intact and a strong gut lining, ION* can help to combat indigestion, gas, and bloating.

Immune Function

Tighter cellular junctions mean a better terrain for your microbiome to diversify, a better environment to support good gut bacteria, and thereby an improved immune response. A stronger gut also means fewer toxins and inflammatory particles getting through that can spark an immune response.

Gluten Defense

The humic extract molecules that make up ION* help to activate the enzyme, DPP4, which works to remove the toxic peptides found in gluten. By sparking this initial enzyme production, ION* can maintain low levels of zonulin and combat tight junction damage. 

Toxin Protection

ION* is proven to seal cells in the gut lining within minutes. With a strong gut lining, the body can work better to defend from toxins. Further, by acting as a carrier molecule, ION* works to move toxins out of the body, improving overall wellness.

Our soil, and thus our food, isn’t as nutrient-dense as it once was. And the nutrients that exist in food today have trouble getting into our cells without proper delivery methods. ION* acts as a carrier molecule, binding to nutrients to help deliver them to the cells. This helps to optimize cellular function, support energy, and improve overall health and wellness. 

ION*supports: • Immune Function*

  • Digestion*
    • Mental Clarity*
    • Metabolism*
    • Healthy Mood*

Your digestion is better when your gut bacteria is empowered to do its job; and so is your metabolism.

Closing the door on toxins like glyphosate and opening it for nutrients enhances your mental clarity.

Aid Gluten tolerance by protecting your gut environment.


ION* Gut Support contains two optimally balanced, simple ingredients: humic extract and purified water. Our humic extract is derived from ancient soil rich in beneficial metabolites. These metabolites combined with trace minerals create fulvate, a unique family of molecules that is at the heart of our science.

Humic Extract (Fulvate)

Humic extract is US-sourced from ancient soil (roughly 60 million years old!) and contains a blend of bacterial metabolites (fulvate) as well as less than 1% of a variety of trace minerals and amino acids.

Fulvate is a unique family of carbon molecules with oxygen-binding sites that are produced by bacteria when they digest nutrients. These molecules are the backbone of the ION* blend, standing apart from fulvic acids in an alkaline state. By keeping fulvate in its natural state, ION* better facilitates electron transfer, helping with critical functions like nutrient absorption, chelation of metals, and tight junction integrity.

Purified Water:

No chlorine. No gnarly chemicals. Just the finest purified water to support a healthy and thriving you

This family of molecules made by bacteria collaborates with your cells to fortify your immune system. 


Adults and Children 3 and Over: 

For general gut-brain health, we recommend 1 teaspoon of ION* Gut Support 3x/day. Optimal gut support is achieved when taken 30 minutes prior to meals because of ION* Gut Support's protective effects against gluten and glyphosate, but you can take it immediately before, with, or after a meal, (or on an empty stomach) and still receive benefit.

Children under three: 

We recommend ¼ teaspoon, 3x/day for children under 3 years of age. If you would like to introduce your little ones more slowly, we recommend 1/8 teaspoon a day, slowly building to standard usage.

Sensitive Adult Usage: 

Results can vary with initial ION* Gut Support usage, with many customers reporting rapid and profound early results. These results are not the direct effects of the supplement itself, but instead reflect the innate healing process that occurs in a body as the firewall system is optimally up and running. There is a subset of individuals, however, that can experience symptoms of tiredness, headache, bloating/increased gas, or bowel changes. If you feel you may be sensitive to the changes that can occur as your innate defenses and capacity for water/nutrient absorption are restored, we suggest a slower approach. Start with 1/8 teaspoon of ION* Gut Support daily, increasing usage slowly, as tolerated, to get to recommended label usage.

These statements have not been verified by the U.S Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.