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SIBO CLINIC CANADA has been a game changer for my health!  I had no idea what SIBO meant or even stood for.  Once simple breath test is all it took.  After the test; my results were positive! It answered many questions to my failing health.  I followed the treatment guide lines for almost 3 months and the changes were amazing!  Thank you for helping me change my life.  

Sincerely,  Sandra    Toronto ON CA


What an incredible, unexpected health experience dealing with the SIBO CLINIC CANADA. Everything was super professional I received the breath test kit and results quickly and efficiently, but it is the care and help that Elmer (the owner) gave that is rarely, if ever, found. I was suffering and confused and they took the time to care for me and help me find treatments and results without regard to their time. I wish all health professionals were as attentive and professional. Thank you to the professionals at SIBO CLINIC CANADA,

Keith Plutchok


Great customer service! I took my breath test on Tuesday, sent it back the same day, and got my results on Friday. Thank you!

Shannon Cole


I am not one to write reviews. It is so rare these days that you run across amazing customer service /experience especially in the health field, that i just had to write this review for others. Extremely Professional Knowledgeable , Reliable and prompt with responses and results.Turn around times exceptional. I would highly recommend SIBO Clinic Canada. Thank you for everything. 

Stacey Renee



Elmer has consistently delivered the highest client care I have ever received. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable on each product, diligent in his responses and deliveries, and keen on providing updates, he is passionate about his role, he understands the severity of the protocol and cares about each customer, and goes out of his way to ensure his clients have the products they need. Your help and support makes all the difference in our healing journeys. Thank YOU, Elmer!

Hayley Hicks


I had amazing service from Elmer and his staff! I was in a hurry for my product and they arranged special delivery. It arrived even sooner than expected and I am so thankful to them! Personable, knowledgeable and caring!!! Would give them 6 stars if I could!

Sandra Wood


Both the delivery of my test kit as well as my results were incredibly fast. The kit instructions were very detailed and easy to follow and any questions I had with regards to the prep were answered almost immediately. The prepaid return packaging was another added bonus. Elmer and his team take customer care and service to a whole new level! I highly recommend their services.

Tina Rancourt


Completely satisfied with the service and very helpful. Definitely recommend for anyone suffering from sibo who want to have breath test or want to start elemental diet.

Prabhjot Singh


Elmer is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He always gets back to me quickly if I have questions. Highly recommended.

Besa Berberi


If you are in need of a SIBO test, I would highly recommend SIBO Clinic Canada. Elmer is great, and provides excellent customer service. Also, the instructions that came with the test kit are quite clear, and they even provide a video on their website that illustrates how you should go through the test procedure. Kudos to Elmer and his team

Darryl Young


Can’t say enough good things about Elmer and SIBO clinic Canada! During a stressful time, and feeling sick - Elmer took the time to patiently answer all my questions and walk me through the steps! After the test results were sent, Elmer walked me through the results and sent any information he could. Top notch service!

Leah McGillivary


Great customer service and speedy test results!

Anupa Simon


I cannot say enough positive things about sibo clinic Canada. I ordered a test (during the COVID -19 pandemic), and it looked like my sample was lost - Elmer Bernard was on contact with me daily for updates to let me know if he had received the package. He even offered to send me a new test of it was not received. It ended up coming a day later. Elmer reviewed the results almost instantly, and provided me with a lot of support and information on SIBO. Can’t thank him enough.

Sam S


My experience with SIBO Clinic Canada has been nothing short of amazing. I have been suffering with various undiagnosed illnesses for most my life and came across a condition called SIBO online through my own personal research. I reached out to Elmer at the SIBO clinic a year ago for testing, and honestly, I do not know where I would be today if I haven’t. Many of my chronic symptoms were all symptoms of SIBO, a condition that the nurses, physicians, or internal medicine specialists knew nothing about. Elmer at the SIBO clinic had a genuine understanding of my symptoms and expressed the care and concern that I very much needed at a difficult time in my life. Most of my health care professionals here in the North seemed to believe that I was not even sick, and that I likely was just a hypochondriac. It was such a relief to speak with someone who finally believed my symptoms and what I was truly feeling. Elmer has been following my journey since the very first day I spoke with him. Since getting a positive result for SIBO on the breath test, Elmer has helped me every step of the way in terms of giving recommendations on further testing procedures, diet advice, treatment protocols, and so much more. He even connected me with a Natural Path Doctor in Ottawa who specializes in SIBO. Regardless of the time of day, Elmer has always made himself available to help and offer advice whenever I have any questions or concerns. He is very honest, genuine, caring, and knowledgeable in giving the information and support needed to successful diagnose and treat this awful condition. Today, Elmer continues to support me along my treatment journey. He follows my progress each week and will go out of his way at any time to send me helpful information and tips along my journey. I am so very thankful for having reached out to SIBO Clinic Canada and finding Elmer. It has changed my life in significant ways. I truly am grateful for all Elmer has done and continues to do for me. I am finally on my journey to healing and have no one else to thank but Elmer and SIBO Clinic Canada.

Alyssa Paul