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I love the Probiotics I purchased from SIBO CLINIC CANADA they are the Best and the only ones that work for me, I usually have a lot of problems with my stomach, these are live probiotics, they have helped with more energy and weight lose.  The best of this company is that they care about their customers.  I email with questions and they are super fast at getting back to me! Their Customer Service is the Best. 






SIBO CLINIC CANADA has been a game changer for my health!  I had no idea what SIBO meant or even stood for.  Once simple breath test is all it took.  After the test; my results were positive! It answered many questions to my failing health.  I followed the treatment guide lines for almost 3 months and the changes were amazing!  Thank you for helping me change my life.  

Sincerely,  Sandra    Toronto ON CA


SIBO CLINIC CANADA has made a massive difference in my health and my outlook on Health. I’ve been misdiagnosed for many years for certain health ailments such constant abdominal pain, many food intolerances, anxiety and also skin problems. I came across SIBO CLINIC CANADA through a friend; I took the breath test and tested positive for SIBO! With the help of their team and my own Health practitioner I followed a strict protocol, not only did I beat SIBO but my health challenges were all but gone!  Thank you so much guys! 

Natasha,  Calgary AB