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SIBO CLINIC CANADA was founded by Sandy Rideout, Functional Medicine Consultant and Elmer Bernard, CEO and Managing Partner. For more than 20 years, Sandy has researched health and disease in various highly prestigious clinical journals and has been practicing Functional Medicine for 7 years. He is currently consulting with Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors and as well as other health professionals in applying Functional Medicine in their practice to advance the diagnosis and treatment of their patients more effectively.

Elmer Bernard has been extensively trained in SIBO by Sandy Ridout and has since become an expert in the diagnostics of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). He is an expert and highly trained in the standard of care, precise maintenance, and use of the Quintron Breath Testing device to ensure the most accurate results.

SIBO CLINIC CANADA was developed to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of SIBO, a common root cause of a multitude of health issues which are so common in our population today. We use the most accurate yet simple to administer SIBO in-home breath test called the "Quintron Easy Sample Breath Test Kit.” Working closely with Medical doctors, Naturopathic doctors, health professionals, and patients, we analyze and interpret test results while ensuring that all factors are considered prior to reaching a final diagnosis.

Our Vision is to become the leaders in SIBO breath testing. We pride ourselves on excellent service while bringing you the very best in accuracy of analysis and concise interpretation.