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Zinc Select 90 VC

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Zinc Select 90 VC

Zinc Select 90 VC

$18 $23 saving $5

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Zinc Select® is a state-of-the-art, synergistic formula combining two researched, well-absorbed forms of chelated zinc with a blend of digestive herbs and bitters, plus Betaine HCl, to help optimize zinc absorption and tolerability. One milligram of copper is also included to help maintain healthy mineral balance.

Zinc is a nutritionally essential mineral for which marginal deficiencies are common. Vegetarians, pregnant and lactating women, patients with anorexia or protein-energy malnutrition, elderly people taking one or more prescription drugs and individuals with intestinal inflammation or any digestive disorder marked by persistent diarrhea are among the populations that may be at increased risk for zinc deficiency.

The varied signs of inadequate zinc status include sensory abnormalities (loss of smell and taste), night blindness, frequent and/or severe infections, delayed wound healing, dermatological disorders, hair loss, connective tissue disorders, reproductive disorders, gastrointestinal problems, insulin dysregulation and sleep disturbances.

Of the various available forms of supplemental zinc, amino acid chelates (AAC) have been studied to be among the most well-absorbed. Zinc Select® contains 30 mg of zinc as fully reacted Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate and Zinc Arginate Chelate, provided in a 2:1 ratio.

1 mg of Copper Bisglycinate Chelate is added to Zinc Select® to help maintain proper intestinal copper absorption and to support healthy mineral balance. Our premium quality chelated zinc and copper come from Albion® Laboratories, providing the gold standard in bioavailable mineral ingredients.

Because zinc absorption is inhibited by the presence of food (notably foods containing either phytates, such as high fiber whole grains, or casein, a milk protein) it is often suggested to take zinc supplements away from meals. However, taking zinc alone on an empty stomach may cause some people to experience nausea or digestive upset. To address this concern, Zinc Select® contains high quality extracts of two researched botanical bitters: Ginger and Gentian. These herbs are known to help decrease nausea, stimulate gastric juice and bile secretion and enhance digestion and absorption. Zinc Select® also provides a modest 50 mg of Betaine HCl to help gently lower gastric pH levels and facilitate zinc absorption whether the product is taken with or without food.

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