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Niadoxene Select 100 VC

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Niadoxene Select 100 VC

Niadoxene Select 100 VC

$29 $34 saving $5

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Dr. Moss's Product Review Part 1 10/2015 

Dr. Moss's Product Review Part 2 11/2015

Moss Nutrition Digest: Niacinamide - Support for Sun-Damaged Skin

Niadoxene Select™ contains a unique and synergistic blend of two researched nutrients: niacinamide, a flush-free form of vitamin B3, and pyridoxal-5'-phosphate, the activated form of vitamin B6.

Vitamin B3 occurs in two related forms, niacin and niacinamide. Both are precursors of nicotinamide adenosine dinucleotide (NAD), a critical enzyme involved in more than 300 known redox reactions in the body. A deficiency of vitamin B3 results in the skin condition known as pellagra; therefore, healthy skin depends on obtaining adequate levels of this nutrient. Vitamin B3 can be synthesized in the body from the amino acid tryptophan but it is preferentially obtained directly through food and/or supplements.

Niacin and niacinamide function similarly in many ways, but each has unique nutritional and pharmacological properties. Unlike niacin, niacinamide does not cause the dermal flushing reaction that many individuals find intolerable when supplementing with high dose niacin itself, and it is not used to modulate cholesterol levels.

A required nutrient for healthy neurotransmitter activity, niacinamide been found to help reduce stress and inflammation. Research suggests that niacinamide participates in the serotonin-producing kynurenine pathway and stimulates GABA receptors to help reduce nervous tension and support a calm and relaxed mood.

Niacinamide also acts as an antioxidant and has been studied for its effectiveness in helping to support healthy cartilage and joint function, helping to promote joint comfort and mobility, and helping to provide support for healthy skin in various ways including protection from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation.

The presence of vitamin B6 is required for niacinamide to best carry out its numerous functions. Niadoxene Select™ provides these two nutrients in a balanced ratio for optimum benefits.

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