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B12 2000 Lozenges > Inflammation

B12 2000 Lozenges > Inflammation

B12 2000 Lozenges > Inflammation


Helps with Excessive Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S). Click here

NPN: 80027507

Item Code: 1130

Quantity: 60 lozenges

Description: B-12/Folate
B-12, Malabsorption, SIBO, Depression and Neurological disorders: Dr. Vasquez ND DC DO

Indications: Biotics uses hydroxocobalamin for oral use instead of a methyl source. consider anemia, chronic fatigue and debilitation, hypochlorhydria, homocystinuria, digestive inflammation, diabetes, neuromuscular disorders, elevated MCV/MCH, and vegetarian diet. It is absolutely essential for the formation of blood cells and for the proper function of the nervous system. Malabsorption can occur as a result of insufficient intake, insufficient protein digestion in the stomach essential to release vitamin B-12 from ingested foods, insufficient production of intrinsic factor produced from the parietal cells following their destruction by autoimmune or infectious processes, insufficient production of pancreatic enzymes, inefficient absorption in the ileum due to diseases processes such as bacterial overgrowth, bowel disease such as Crohn's disease, or surgical resection. Although physicians have previously relied on intramuscular injections of vitamin B-12 for patients who are deficient in this vitamin, research has shown that patients can achieve higher blood levels of B-12 when administered orally (see PDF below)

Ingredients: Vitamin B-12 2000 mcg (hydroxocobalamin)
Folate 800 mcg
B-6 phosphate 2 mg (P-5-P)

Suggestion: 1-3 lozenges daily between meals or as directed.